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Established in 1999 with the founding of the Day Division Four-Year Technical Program and Five-Year Junior College Program.

 In 2002, division of continuing education Four-Year Technical Program was established.

 In 2003, the Day Division Two-Year Technical Program was established.

 In 2004,  division of continuing education Two-Year Technical Program was established.

 In 2020, the Day Division Four-Year Technical Program added an International Tourism program.

Previous Department Chairs

08/1999~01/2000   吳麗卿

02/2000~07/2000   王子富

08/2000~07/2001   郭良梅

08/2001~07/2002   方耀乾

08/2002~07/2003   張淑芬

08/2003~07/2005   王志峯

08/2005~07/2006   石純瑜

08/2006~07/2009   徐良鳳

08/2009~07/2015   張淑芬

08/2015~07/2018   李易儒

08/2018~07/2020   楊志芳

08/2020~07/2022   吳靜芬

08/2022~07/2023   徐良鳳

08/2023~present     張淑芬

Development Plan

Based on the main development goals of our university and in reference to social development trends and industry demands, our department has formulated short-, medium-, and long-term development objectives. Our aim is to cultivate outstanding professionals with foreign language abilities, as well as knowledge in tourism, business, culture, education, and computer skills, while also possessing humanistic qualities and an international perspective. The specific objectives of our department's short-, medium-, and long-term development plans are as follows:

Short-term development objectives

(1) Strengthening students' English language proficiency and assisting them in passing English language proficiency tests.

(2) Assisting students in obtaining professional certifications to enhance their future employability.

(3) Encouraging and assisting students in participating in language-related competitions to increase their learning opportunities.

(4) Revising our department's curriculum to emphasize a student-centered approach and to enhance students' professional knowledge.

(5) Expanding students' opportunities for domestic and international internships to develop their practical experience and increase their employment opportunities.

(6) Improving the quality of our equipment to enhance learning efficiency.

(7) Encouraging teachers to engage in research and improve their academic standards.

Medium-term development objectives

(1) Developing students' humanistic qualities and creative thinking abilities.

(2) Continuing to strengthen industry partnerships and seeking to involve industry professionals in collaborative teaching to expand our industry-academic cooperation relationships and educational partnerships.

(3) Revising our curriculum in a timely manner to meet changing industry and market trends.

(4) Encouraging faculty and students to participate in community activities and provide foreign language professional services.

(5) Strengthening academic exchanges and encouraging and assisting international exchange students to broaden their international perspectives.

(6) Promoting the establishment of interdisciplinary credit programs.

Long-term development objectives

(1) Actively providing foreign language-related services to the community or industry.

(2) Combining our university's resources to establish a fully English-language graduate program.

(3) Promoting international academic exchanges and recruiting international students.

(4) Combining cultural and creative industries to develop our department's high-quality professional image.

Educational Objectives & Core Competencies

Educational Objectives:

1. Utilize Professional Foreign Language Competence

2. Apply Engilsh Teaching Service Principles and Skills

3. Recognize Business Principles and Ethics

Core Competencies:

Engilsh Teaching Talents

1.Teaching Activity Execution Skills

2.Teaching Strategy Planning Skills

3.Curriculum Designing Skills

4.Professional Foreign Language Skills

Tourism Management Talents

1.Cross-cultural Communication Skills

2.Tourism Planning and Development Skills

3.Itinerary Planning Skills

4.Professional Foreign Language Skills

Professional Sales Talents

1.Market Analysis Skills

2.Business Communication Skills

3.Sales and Service Skills

4.Professional Foreign Language Skills


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